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Operating Business Model of the Insurance Industry

When you take your car into the mechanic you know you have some weird clunk and they have some way to diagnose the problem.  Mack may be covered in grease, but he’s a solid guy.  He gives you a deal on the parts and you pay the bill.  You are headed down the road.  You paid for a service.  You have something in return.  From Mack’s end, he has to calculate in the labour and price of the part.  He makes a cut.  He keeps the doors open.

When you need a book, you may surf the net.  You may go down to the local bookstore.   You pick out your next cherished tome from your favourite author and spend the money.  You get your product.  The publisher has to figure in all the cost of getting the book into a form you will buy and then factor in a margin.  You get the book.  They make a cut. They keep the doors open the next day.

So what, according to
https://floridainsurancequotes.net/general/might-get-accurate-florida-insurance-quotes/ , do you get when you buy insurance online? What are you buying?  You are buying the chance that a problem will pop up.  The beginnings of insurance had two sources.  One was purely mercantile.  One was an effort to help the community.  The deepest origins of insurance came when sea voyages were a highly risky venture between weather and pirates in the 1600’s.

Financially merchants wanted to mitigate the chance of loss.  They would get financial backers to “underwrite” the voyage.  If the voyage had problems then the underwriter had to pay out to the merchant.  If the voyage went off without a hitch the underwriter didn’t pay.  So what was the advantage to the underwriter?  They figured out some level of a risk/reward analysis so that the merchant paid a “premium” for the money.  If nothing went wrong they made money on the probability of an event that didn’t occur.

The other systems were more grassroots.  When a group of African Americans worked in a company town in Iowa in 1887 they pooled their money.  Members would pay $1 into a pot once a month.  If a member got sick they could access the fund to pay for the doctor. What is happening now?

We have some blended version of the two models according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/general/weird-insurance-policies/.  The thing is that the mentality of the mercantile has taken over.  With the advent of the actuary, the industry has figured out how to maximize the risk/reward spread.  From a strict mathematics standpoint they use maximization algorithms to figure out what generates the smallest amount of risk for the insurer with the largest reward. To sum it up, any Florida insurance company will do whatever it takes to make a profit.

Affordable Care Act

There is much debate over the new act, but these comments speak to how the act impinges on the current profit making practices of the insurance industry.

Pre-existing conditions

The centrepiece of the reform is how there is a mandate that the industry cannot deny people coverage due to a pre-existing condition.  Why did this clause even crop up in the insurance industry?  You have to keep at the forefront that industry is about capital protection and that comes in being able to control the risk/reward ratio.  From John Graunt in the 1700’s first efforts what an actuary calculates is what type of disease etiology has a potential to create an early death.

An actuary works hard to calculate what disease will make a company the most money.  If a person with a pre-existing condition has to be insured then the company loses its power over the probability.  The statistics make a distinct chance that the risk of dying from a disease will be a health care Hurricane Sandy in the profit margins of the insurance industry.

Minimum Standards of Care

A person that looks at statistics can only control so many risk/reward scenarios for a profit margin.  At some point the algorithms around maximization and minimization have a place they top out, a point of diminishing return on the dollar.  The way the industry coped with that is that when the actuary found that dollar amount they would simply put a cap on the consumer.  They would only pay to the point that it did not cut into their profit margin.  This is a distinct difference from their counterparts in the late 1600’s.  They were building in the cap to their risk

They weren’t protecting the interest of health to the consumer.  With this type of mandate from the government, these caps are removed.  It won’t be that they can’t continue to make money.  Their industry just won’t be able to control the same level of built in profit. The government just told everyone they have to have coverage. According to FloridaInsuranceQuotes.net, the Florida insurance industry is just upset because they aren’t making enough money in the transition.

Three reasons why you should consider moving forward with UPC Insurance


For those in Florida (or anywhere throughout the United States, for that matter) that are searching for the right insurance company for their specific needs, UPC Insurance from
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Incredible coverage plans

Regardless of whether or not you are looking to take advantage of homeowner insurance coverage, condominium insurance coverage, renters insurance coverage, flood insurance coverage, or any of the “special insurance coverage plans” offered by the UPC Insurance company, you’re going to find a coverage plan and price point that gives you the amazing protection you need – at a price that is affordable.

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Friendly insurance agents

The reason that so many people wait until the very last minute to file an insurance claim has absolutely nothing whatsoever with their need to get it done – and absolutely everything to do with not wanting to speak with unhappy or disrespectful insurance agents or claims support staff members.

Thankfully, this will never be an issue when you decide to move forward with the UPC Insurance company via floridainsurancequotes.net. Each and every single member of the team is going to be more than happy to assist you in any and every way that they can, going above and beyond the specific parameters of their job or position to make sure that you receive the results you’re looking for – while feeling like a trusted partner, neighbor, and friends throughout the process.

Unparalleled access

You are really going to see this kind of customer service and support mentality and philosophy on full display every single time you contact the experts at the UPC Insurance company.

You’re never going to have to worry about dealing with automated responses, voice mailbox solutions that never seem to get returned, or any of the other “cookie cutter” solution divided by other insurance agencies. Instead, at UPC Insurance agency here, you’re going to get the personalized level of help and assistance you need and deserve.

Navigating the World of Online Florida Health Insurance


With medical costs skyrocketing, now more than ever, you and your family need a dependable health plan. Even the routine doctor visit can reach the thousands of dollars so it’s important you know how to choose the best plan for you, and the one that leaves the most money in your pocket. It can be tricky finding the best plan between so many carriers, but getting good, quality health insurance can be done if you know where to look.

The Safety of the Net

With so many insurance companies, the best place to start is on a website. A growing segment of sites has arisen that give you rates and plans from a variety of carriers. Instead of going through the tedious process of visiting each particular company’s site or calling  a bunch of 800 numbers, these sites can narrow down your prospects to one or two plans that fit you and and that you can afford.

Find Your Doctors

Virtually every Florida health insurance company found at
https://floridainsurancequotes.net/health-insurance/best-health-insurance-companies-florida/ has its provider directory online. Most are searchable. Even if you aren’t a current client of the company. You like your doctors and you’d like to keep seeing them, even if you have to change insurance plans. Find the rates and plans you like, then check the provider directory for those plans. See if your doctor is on the plan. It’s getting harder and harder to find doctors that are on multiple insurance plans so it’s important to verify that your favorite will take your new insurance. If he or she is on the list, make sure there are not services that aren’t covered at that particular doctor. Also ensure that he or she is in network if you are on the plan. Some doctors take insurance from certain companies but are listed as out-of-network, which makes your cost higher to go see them. An in-network physician will mean a lower copay and Florida insurance premium.

Read the Reviews

The Internet has become a repository of reviews for everything from restaurants and vacations to teachers and doctors. Insurance plans are part of this as well. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a couple of providers, look for reviews. Chances are you’ll find plenty of negative ones as it relates to unpaid claims or denied service. But according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/health-insurance/understanding-individual-health-insurance-options/, you can also find positive reviews or a mix of good and bad of certain companies. See what others have dealt with  before making your choice. It’s your health after all. It deserves the best attention it can get.

Stay Healthy and Insured

Unless you have access to a river of money to pay potential hospital bills, health insurance is a must these days. There are plenty of options that you can afford and that can provide the coverage you and your family need. Check the reviews, check the rates and find the one that’s best for you. Make sure your doctor is on the plan and is in network. By taking a few, small preliminary steps, you can have a health insurance plan that does what it is supposed to — value your health.